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Take A Look At Our People Analytics Conference!

Actionable, Impactful People Analytics & HR Insights Which Add Value & Build The Future Of The Business: Drive Forward The Journey From Data-Driven Reporting To Advanced, Predictive, Usable Analytics Which Inform Organisational Decision-Making & Gain Buy-In With Best-Practice Metrics & Tools

A One-Day, Practitioner-Led Conference & Networking Event, 14th September 2017, Cavendish Conference Centre, London. Download The Brochure. Book Now.

Who is this event for? Heads, Directors and Senior Managers of: HR ✓ People ✓ HR Analytics ✓ Business Intelligence ✓ Organisational Effectiveness

How Can Analytics & Insights Drive Real Business Change? How Can Data-Driven Decision Making Be Embedded In Your Organisation & Harnessed By Managers & Senior Teams? How Can You Use Tools & Metrics To Ensure Your Analytics Are Adding Real Value To The Business?

  1. Embed analytics-driven decision making across the organisation for real business benefit: Create actionable insight and drive internal cultural change
  2. Prove ROI & Secure Senior Buy-In: Best-practice strategies to demonstrate value and gain support from the top
  3. Advance Your Analytics To Predictive Insight: Top tips to harness the right data, models and technologies to progress to predictive analytics for real business solutions
  4. Integrate & Harness The Best Quality Data: Next-level techniques to join multiple data sources and utilise optimum data for actionable analytics and insight
  5. Advanced Measurement – Attrition, Talent & Absence: Benchmark your own metrics and drive business improvement
  6. Future-Proofing HR With Analytics: Evolve from current reporting to advanced, insightful analytics to shape future business change
  7. What Do HR Business Partners & Stakeholders Actually Want? Get to grips with the expectations and needs of your HR colleagues to ensure your analytics are valuable and actioned!

19 In-House HR Innovators Speaking In 1 Day: Culture Change & Actionable Insight • Metrics & Measurement • Talent • Absence • Attrition • HR Business Partner & Stakeholder Views & Expectations • ROI & Senior Buy-In • Data: Integration & Governance • Predictive Analytics • Drive Change & Future-Proof HR


The Driving Change Conference – 27th September 2017

Next Thursday Is Your Last Chance To Save £100!  Don’t Miss 26 Change Directors Reveal Their Latest Strategies In Just One Day!

Impact The Bottom Line & Engage & Support Employees & Leaders To Deliver Successful Organisational Change: Real-World, Innovative Strategies: Communicate Powerfully, Embed Positive Cultures, Adapt To Accelerating Technologies & External Change & Develop Agile, Change-Ready Organisations To Boost Long-Term Employee Performance

A One-Day, Practitioner-Led Conference & Networking Event, 27th September 2017, Millennium Mayfair Hotel, London. Download Brochure Here. Book Before Next Thursday 6th July & Save £100.

Discover Fresh, Innovative, Real-World Approaches To Driving Successful, Sustained Cultural, Behavioural & Organisational Change In Today’s Constantly-Evolving Landscape

  1. Best-Practice Change Models & Strategies: Achieve your long-term change goals with successful change management models
  2. Drive Sustained Employee Engagement: Reduce change fatigue, build trust and inspire long-term staff engagement and buy-in
  3. Successfully Influence & Empower Leaders: Engage line managers to maintain colleague engagement and support your objectives
  4. Brexit, The Economy & Macro Change: Strategically build insights on the potential effects of worldwide change and uncertainty into change planning
  5. Fresh, Engaging Change Communications: Effectively deliver tough messages in times of change, disruption and uncertainty and keep up to date with digital and technology trends
  6. Demonstrate Value & Impact: Effectively attribute results to convince senior stakeholders of the benefits of change management
  7. Embed Positive Cultures & Behaviours: Shift cultures, behaviours and mindsets to embrace change and drive long-term results
  8. Agile, Change-Ready! Deliver more value, faster, with reliable strategies to develop an agile, resilient organisation

100% Delegate & Sponsorship Satisfaction Rating In 2016!

26 Change Management Innovators Unite At This Unique One-Day, Practitioner-Led Event: Change Management Models & Strategies • Employee Engagement • Empowering Leaders • Change Communications • Brexit, The Economy & Macro Change • Measurement & Impact • Change In Practice – Group Exercise • Embedding Positive Cultures & Behaviours • Agile, Change-Ready!