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31 Speakers Tackle Your Communications Challenges In Just 1 Day: Best-Practice Internal Comms • Digital & New Technology • Channel Mix Evaluation • Boost Engagement • Engaging Leadership • Measurement • The Strategic Role Of IC • Successful Change • Social Media • Offline & Remote Employees • Two-Way Comms • Agile Comms • Trends & The Future Of IC

31 Brand-Led Speakers Explore How To Drive Business Performance With Impactful, Engaging & Strategic Internal Comms In 1 Day

Boost Engagement & Productivity With The Latest Digital, Technology, Social Media & Channel Trends, Drive Top-To-Bottom Organisational Employee Engagement, Reach & Change & Demonstrate Impact To Position Internal Communications As A Strategic Function.

31 In-House Communications Experts Share Unique Experiences & Fresh Insights Which Will Revolutionise Your Communications Function, Enhance Employee Engagement, Inspire Leaders, Achieve Measurable Impact & Prepare You For The Future

  1. Innovative Internal Communications Trends To Inspire Employees & Boost Productivity: Go the extra mile to stimulate top performance and inspire employees
  2. Key Digital Trends, Tools & Tech To Transform Your Internal Communications: Overcome internal resistance to capitalise on the digital transformation changing the face of employee communications
  3. Perfect Your Channel Mix, Maximise Engagement & Interaction: Establish the correct tools, channels and communications mix to improve storytelling impact and cut through
  4. Measure Success, Prove The Strategic Role Of Internal Comms: Secure your seat at the top table and win buy-in with best-in-class methods to analyse engagement and demonstrate impact
  5. Inspire Leaders, Secure Buy-In & Drive Feedback Culture: Equip, empower and engage head office to modernise top-down communications and encourage authentic two-way dialogue
  6. Inspire Employees Through Successful Change: Reduce resistance to change and eliminate fear with communications strategies which address employee concerns
  7. Reach Out & Unite With Offline & Remote Employees: Break-down barriers with best-practice tools, processes and channels to connect with diverse workforces
  8. Unlock The Power Of Social Media: Reap the rewards of engaged employees with an enterprise social network strategy which drives business results
  9. Key Trends, Developments & The Future Of Communications: Evolve your communications for 2020 and beyond. Can your strategy keep up?