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The Digital Transformation & Innovation In Financial Services Conference

Capitalise On Customer Trends & AI & Maximise Digital ROI For Value-Adding Digital Strategies - Customer-Centric, Streamlined & Agile Digital Transformation & Innovation In Financial Services: Increase Connectivity Through Open Banking • AI Application, Value & Benefits • Practical & Effective Data Strategies • Evolving Customer Trends, Expectations & Streamlined Journeys • Cultural Transformation • ESG & Sustainability • Digital Payments, App Design & Usability. A One-Day, Financial Services-Led Conference & Networking Event, Central London, 27th September 2022.

The Risk and Compliance for Financial Services Conference

Develop Flexible & Agile Controls & New Watertight Measures In A Changing Landscape: Emerging Risk & Compliance Strategies For Financial Services: Further Risk & Compliance Updates To Build Frameworks That Reflect New Risks, Deliver For Consumers With Ethical & Organisational Conduct For Rigorous Customer Duty & Outcomes Protection – Achieve Mature Risk Cultures Which Strengthen Operational Resilience & Combat Threat To Weather New Regulations, New Tech Hurdles Around Cloud & AI & ESG & New Climate Frontiers. A One-Day, Industry-Led Conference & Networking Event, 22nd November 2022.

28 Leading Financial Services Professionals Provide Comprehensive Insight To Engage Hybrid Workforces, Build Resilient, Inclusive Cultures, Protect Employee Mental Wellbeing & Maximise New Technologies, Productivity, Development & Purpose For A Competitive Advantage



  1. Guarantee An Engaged Hybrid Workforce! Showcase sky-high engagement with new and innovative strategies and a reimagined office space designed for a hybrid workforce
  2. Winning FS Employee Engagement & Experience Strategies: Overcome virtual barriers to secure a truly engaged workforce with new, tailored and targeted strategies
  3. Prioritise & Protect Employees’ Mental Health & Wellbeing: Reconfigure the work-life balance and create a supportive workplace that encourages honest conversations
  4. Drive Forward Diversity & Inclusion Within Financial Services: Overcome stereotypes and cultivate an inclusive culture which champions and celebrates differences
  5. Talent, Onboarding & Attrition: Become an employer of choice with fresh and innovative strategies to attract and retain the best talent
  6. The Hottest Digital, Platforms, Tools & Tech To Invest In & Optimise! Seamlessly integrate the top digital and tech innovations to transform strategies and boost employee experience
  7. Empower & Develop Leaders & Managers: Equip managers to lead and inspire to enhance two-way communication and boost engagement
  8. Adapt To Change & Disruption With A Flexible & Collaborative Culture: Foster a flexible and strong company culture which drives engagement and increases productivity
  9. Invest In Your People With New & Improved Learning & Development: Design new L&D models to train and upskill employees and provide genuine development to retain top talent
  10. Measure Engagement, Deliver Results & Showcase Success: Proactively measure engagement, listen and respond to the employee voice and demonstrate bottom-line results

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6 Years Leading The Market As A Premium Employee Engagement Conference For The Financial Services Sector... What's New For 2022?

  • Brand New Speaker Line-Up Featuring Industry-Leading Brands Including BUPA, Metro Bank & Many More!
  • 6 Years Of Inspiration & Innovation
  • 4 Interactive Panels: A) Hybrid Workforces B) Culture, Change & Disruption C) Digital & Tech Innovations D) Mental Health & Wellbeing
  • 97% Average Satisfaction
  • 80% Financial Services Audience Year On Year

The Advanced HR & People Engagement For Financial Services Conference At A Glance

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Develop, Support & Retain A Healthy & Inclusive Hybrid Workforce & Create Tech-Enabled, Adaptable Cultures: New Ways To Advance HR & People Engagement Strategies In Financial Services: Engage Flexible & Hybrid Workforces & Power Best-In-Class Engagement • Prioritise & Protect Mental Health, Wellbeing, Diversity & Inclusion • Talent, Onboarding & Attrition • Leverage Digital & Tech Innovations • Empower & Develop Leadership • Culture, Change & Disruption • New & Improved Learning & Development • Measure Engagement & Deliver Results

08.40 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Welcome

09.00 Morning Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Iain Brumpton, Head of People Commercials, Performance & Insight, Zurich Insurance Company Ltd


09.10 Guarantee Increased Employee Engagement With New & Innovative Strategies & Reimagined Office Structures For A Hybrid Workforce Which Connects & Motivates Every Employee

  • Is hybrid working for life or just for Covid? Understand how FS leaders can move into a new, flexible framework which increases efficiencies and maximises productivity long-term
  • Reimagining offices for the future: what will the office space look like post-Covid, and how will this impact employee experience and engagement moving forward?
  • Understand the risks! Recognise the data security and governance issues posed with remote working to plan a watertight strategy which protects all employees
  • Critical questions answered: what are the ongoing challenges with employee engagement in a hybrid framework, and what are the issues companies are facing in encouraging people to return to the office?

Richard Stanbury, Head of Employee Relations & Senior Business Partner, Direct Line Group


Cairene Gilbert, Head of Development & Inclusion, Handelsbanken


Deepa Shah, People Director, Head Office, Bupa


Kirsten Lightfoot, Head of People Development, Newcastle Building Society


Regina Shapiro, Global Cultural Development Manager, MUFG


Fahmida Afrin, HR Business Partner, Schroders Wealth Management


Nicola Wood, Head, myPerformance Transformation, Standard Chartered


Alana Renner, Head of Communications & Engagement, Canada Life UK


09.40 Bonus Session Reserved For Karian & Box: A New Leadership Deal For Financial Services

  • How leadership needs to change to maximise trust and motivation in the current environment.
  • How to deal with hybrid.
  • How to reduce attrition and retain talent.
  • How to amplify strategy, purpose and change.

James Tarbit, MD - Client Advisory, Karian and Box


09.55 Drive Sky-High Engagement & Overcome Virtual Barriers With A Watertight Strategy That Is Guaranteed To Ensure A Collaborative & Productive Team

  • Engage every employee! How are organisations maintaining engagement within a dispersed workforce, and how are HR and engagement teams catering to everybody?
  • With the formalities of emails and phone calls, is engagement getting lost in digital processes? Secure a truly engaged workforce with tailored and targeted strategies which hit the mark no matter where your employees are based
  • Power new and innovative strategies within the EVP that win employees over as brand ambassadors and gain their trust and loyalty within the business
  • Listen and support vulnerable employees, track their sentiments and harness and touch on the moments that truly matter

Fahmida Afrin, HR Business Partner, Schroders Wealth Management


10.15 Bonus Session Reserved for Virgin Pulse: Improving Employee Engagement – Planning For The Long Term

  • Every employer knows they need to take a proactive approach to employee engagement health but knowing where to start can be overwhelming.
  • Hear how to put tools in place that supports a a long-term strategy and not just a tick box exercise.
  • Learn insights from Virgin Pulse’s Financial Services clients.

Ian Molyneux, Wellbeing Consultant, Virgin Pulse

10.30 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


11.00 Break Down Barriers, Nurture Trusted Relationships & Create A Supportive Workplace To Empower Employees To Discuss & Protect Their Mental Health & General Wellbeing

  • Minimise stereotypes of the financial services industry by fostering a genuinely open and inclusive culture that empowers employees to voice their mental health struggles
  • It’s no longer a 9–5! Avoid attaching a badge of honour to those overworking and truly understand how HR and engagement teams can reinforce the work-life balance to boost employee wellbeing
  • With the inherent rise of permanent hybrid working structures explore how best to support and monitor remote workers no matter their location or time zone and avoid slipping back into old habits which would demotivate teams
  • Understand the balancing act between employee autonomy and wellbeing to maximise staff morale as trusted and appreciated colleagues naturally leads to increase productivity and efficiencies

Richard Stanbury, Head of Employee Relations & Senior Business Partner, Direct Line Group


Zahoor Ahmad, Diversity & Inclusion Lead, Skipton Building Society


Sarah Magnier-Ashton, Head of Culture, Vaultex UK Ltd


Colin Clements, Lead People Partner- Chief Customer Officer, Coventry Building Society


Hannah Smith, Associate Director, Talent Development, Fidelity International


11.30 Bonus Session; Matrix Leadership - "Leading without Authority" 

Helen Hambleton, CEO, People Untapped


11.45 Drive Forward Diversity In Financial Services By Cultivating An Open, Authentic & Inclusive Culture That Celebrates Differences & Ensures All Employees Feel Valued & Supported

  • How can financial services reframe the conversation around D&I and encourage honest and genuine conversations? How do you start that conversation depending on where you are in that journey?
  • Tackling neurodiversity in the evermore prominent home working environment: take practical steps to communicate, represent and understand employees whose diversity is not always visible and determine what makes an organisation attractive when hiring neurodiverse candidates
  • In a heavily candidate-driven market attract new talent by building and establishing a strong employer brand with D&I strategies that give you a competitive edge

11.45 Zahoor Ahmad, Diversity & Inclusion Lead, Skipton Building Society


12.05 Carol Frost, Chief People Officer, Metro Bank (UK)


12.25 It's a human thing: inspiring your people in an ever-changing world

The crucial role communication plays in driving behavioural change and creating a truly engaging employee experience – for every future 'normal'

Kate Whitley, Client Services Director, Caburn Hope

Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners

13.40 Afternoon Chair’s Opening Remarks

Sharon Kemp, Strategic Internal Communications Manager, Bupa


13.50 Bonus Session; Employee Research - You’re Not Giving the People What They Want

During this session, we exclusively unveil the results of a study which reveals that, as engagement practitioners:

  • You think your survey feedback is very effective – but 86% of people don’t think it is.
  • But people do want personal feedback, especially younger employees.
  • You think your survey feedback is personalised – 88% of people don’t think it is.
  • We look at how the findings of this study should inform your thinking on feedback strategy in the future so that you can treat employees as individuals – and give people what they actually want.

Andrew Cocks, Associate Subject Matter Expert, Culture & Employee Engagement, Tivian


14.05 Bonus Session; Reserved For Shootsta

How to transform your company’s internal communications with video

Video has quickly stepped in for face-to-face communication to become the next-best channel for employees to feel heard, understood, and supported.

Create new digital experiences with professional, cost-effective videos in just minutes, and change the way you communicate with your internal stakeholders. From onboarding and training to internal communications. Anywhere, anytime. Evolve your strategy in achieving your business outcomes while keeping costs down.

  • How to level up your business communications
  • Improve employee experience with video
  • Transform your company’s L&D

Bazz Deans, VP EMEA , Shootsta

14.20 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


14.50 Promote A Flexible & Collaborative Culture Which Adapts To Change & Disruption, Prioritises Employee Engagement & Ultimately Increases Productivity

  • Construct and embed a strong company culture built on inclusion and engagement which aligns with your organisation’s vision and values
  • Tackling the culture crisis in hybrid workforces: how are company’s bringing people together and reinforcing the sense of belonging when you lose the inter-office communication?
  • Learn by listening! Take note of employee feedback and measure engagement levels with robust mechanisms and methodologies to provoke a cultural shift that will strike a competitive advantage and meet strategic goals
  • Holistically, how can you build an employee value proposition that is good for your people and good for your business?

Nathan Wallis, Chief of Staff, Wesleyan


Hayley Bucur, Head of People Operations, Projects, Reward & Global Mobility, Wise


Simi Dubb, Director Colleague Experience & Inclusion, Metro Bank (UK)



Anne-Marie Lister, Chief People Officer, Atom Bank


Anita Acavalos, Senior Manager Employer Brand, Legal & General


15.20 Empower & Encourage Senior Leaders & Managers To Develop & Establish New & Innovative Leadership Styles Which Maximise Two-Way Conversations, Engage Employees & Showcase Bottom-Line Results

  • Explore how leadership styles differ and how you develop leaders and equip them with the skillset to lead in an effective way
  • Develop and position the role of the line manager within your organisation and explore what you can do differently to support leaders and managers
  • Engaged leaders = engaged employees! Empower your leaders to confidently embed the vision and values of your organisation into their strategies

Andie Cobley, Head of Human Resources, Ikano Bank


15.40 Invest In Your People! Train & Equip Employees With An Interactive Hybrid Training Model, Ensure New-Starter Engagement & Provide Clear & Genuine Development Opportunities

  • Building back better! What have we learnt from the past 2 years, and how can we make sure we don’t slip back into old ways by designing programmes which inspire next-level engagement and productivity?
  • Create a virtual learning space that is full of energy! With traditional classroom training not always accessible in today’s new world, explore the most effective virtual training mediums certain to boost engagement and development
  • Adaptability, resilience, empathy… explore how to best upskill your employees and leaders to bolster the employee journey and enhance engagement
  • The dark side of hybrid working: examine the best communication tips and tricks which engage isolated employees to get them back on board with their development journey

Vicky Waters, Head of Talent, Careers & Development, BNP Paribas Personal Finance


15.30 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

Speaker to be announced, please check the website for updates.



16.00 Invest In Your People! Train & Equip Employees With An Interactive Hybrid Training Model, Ensure New-Starter Engagement & Provide Clear & Genuine Development Opportunities

  • Escape the restrictions of rigid and structured survey responses and employ effective listening strategies for a more honest and nuanced understanding of employee experience and satisfaction
  • Communicate engagement results and employee feedback tangibly for FS leaders who are figure orientated to secure future buy-in and investment for continued success
  • What’s next? What fresh measurement tools and metrics should you be looking out for to enhance annual or quarterly surveys and wholly understand how engaged your employees truly are?

Simon Connolly, Performance & Leadership Excellence Manager, Zurich Insurance Company Ltd


16.20 Afternoon Chair’s Closing Remarks & Close Of Conference

Iain Brumpton, Head of People Commercials, Performance & Insight, Zurich Insurance Company Ltd


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