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The Financial Services Employee Engagement, Change & Culture Conference Programme

High-Impact Employee Engagement, Culture & Change Strategies In Financial Services: Boost Organisational Performance, Productivity & Retention & Mitigate Industry, Market & Technological Disruption & Uncertainty

A One-Day, Financial Services Sector, Practitioner-Led Conference & Networking Event, 20th March 2018, Museum of London Docklands, London.

09.00 GIC Welcome, Interactive Voting Introduction & Morning Chairman’s Opening Remarks

Jonathan Bunn
Head of Communications EMEA



09.15 Overcoming The Challenges Of Maintaining Employee Engagement During Periods Of Change & Internal Disruption With Practical Approaches & Methods

  • Best-in-class approaches and strategies for maintaining colleague engagement, motivation and morale through extended periods of change, disruption and uncertainty
  • Discover the most effective methods and channels for communicating change management messages with employees to ensure they feel informed
  • Top tips for getting managers and leaders on board with your change management projects and communications so they aid the transitionary period and embed behaviours
  • Change doesn’t always have to be bad! Best-practice approaches to retain staff and ensure they remain happy and positive when jumping ship often seems like the better option
  • When two companies collide; practical advice on changing and adapting cultures following mergers and acquisitions for harmonised company values and behaviours

Suzanne Viant
Head of Learning & Development
Hargreaves Lansdown


09.35 Charles Stanley Will Share Their Insights & Learnings From Harnessing Employee & Stakeholder Engagement To Transform The Busines

In less than 2 years the company’s share price has almost doubled and the group has been revived, due to employee-led change. Kate and Donna will share key advice and the approaches used to unearth issues and drive employee engagement and involvement that enabled internal development and business transformation. Despite the significant change, Charles Stanley raised their level of staff engagement by 11% during this period.

Kate Griffiths-Lambeth
Group Director of Human Resources
Charles Stanley

Donna Hewitson
Senior HR Business Partner
Charles Stanley



09.55 Crafting & Embedding Sustainable, Positive & Trusting Cultures, Values & Behaviours Throughout The Business For Greater Morale & Engagement

  • Top tips for creating a positive, trusting internal culture and embedding it into day-to-day operations so employees feel engaged with the business and their colleagues
  • Best-practice advice on aligning employees with company values and ethics to create advocates of the brand
  • Happy and healthy staff are productive staff; creating a positive culture and wellbeing programme to embed a good work-life balance that reduces burnout and staff turnover

Catherine Dineley
Head of Group Culture
Lloyds Banking Group

Rob Divall Group
HR Director
Aldermore Bank plc

10.35 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal, Facilitated Networking

11.05 Case Study

Ghassan Karian
Managing Director
Karian and Box


11.25 From Millennials To Mature Colleagues: Tailoring & Adapting Your Communication Strategies To Ensure You Are Engaging & Retaining Your Entire Workforce

  • One size does not fit all! With such large generational differences, adapt your engagement strategies and communication to maintain engagement with a diverse range of employees
  • From 20 to 60 years olds; how to tailor your messages to suit all employees’ needs and communication styles - avoid alienating older generations!
  • Get to grips with millennials’ expectations, views and opinions around careers, work and the financial services industry to ensure your organisation is attractive to young people
  • Young people only like to communicate on social media? Busting some myths and establishing other practical insights around millennials and how far you need to alter your strategy

Claire Merton
HR Director
One Advice

Kerry Freeman
Head of Culture

12.05 Case Study

Speaker TBC
NKD Learning


12.25 Go Beyond Annual Surveys! Effectively Measure Engagement Levels & Leverage Employee Feedback Across The Organisation With The Latest Innovations & Action Planning Strategies

  • Combat survey fatigue: exploring different methods and innovations of measuring employee engagement from tech, apps, data, AI and dashboards
  • Making the move to real-time feedback: assessing the pros and cons of implementing monthly pulse surveys to temperature check engagement levels; is this the end of the annual survey?
  • Gain valuable insights on successfully implementing and sustaining your action plan to ensure momentum is not lost and engagement levels are bolstered following the survey

Jennifer Thomas
Head of Internal Communications & Experience
Direct Line Group

12.45 Lunch For Delegates, Speakers & Partners


13.20 Informal Peer-To-Peer Discussions

A) Diversity & Inclusion

Sophie Williams
Diversity & Inclusion Specialist

B) Communication Styles & Behaviours

Dan Coles
Global Head of Internal Communications

C) Traditional Channels

Kirsty Bowen
Internal Communications Manager
Coventry Building Society

D) Change Management: The Employee’s Perspective

Craig Travers
Senior HR Business Partner
Old Mutual Wealth

Donna Beresford
Head of Culture & Talent
Old Mutual Wealth

13.45 Afternoon Chair’s Opening Remarks

Danielle Harmer
Chief People Officer

Metro Bank


13.55 Our Panel Of Thought-Leaders Tackle The Hottest Challenges Facing The Finance Industry Today

  • Brexit: Debating and navigating the impact of Brexit on the financial services industry and how to deal with the effects in your internal communications. What do you say, when you can’t say anything?!
  • Regulation: Innovating your communications whilst meeting the regulatory standards to ensure your messages and staff are adhering to the rules
  • Loss Of Trust & Negative Perceptions: How can we combat negative perceptions and lack of trust within the industry for more engaged colleagues and customers?
  • Diversity & Inclusion: Promoting and increasing diversity across gender, disability and LGBT; what programmes have worked for others for greater employee inclusion

Pauline Miller
Head of Diversity & Inclusion

Bharatti Crack
Managing Director, Head of HR, London & EMEA
Crédit Agricole Corporate & Investment Bank

Jonathan Bunn
Head of Communications EMEA

Jonathan Harvey
Head of Talent & Culture


14.25 Empower Leaders & Boost Manager Capabilities To Cultivate Them As Engagement Advocates & Deliver Business-Wide Engagement

  • Convincing managers and leaders of the pivotal role they play in business-wide engagement to get them on board and ensure they disseminate key messages to colleagues
  • Empower and equip technical managers with vital communication skills and messages to engage and motivate their teams for optimised business performance
  • Ensuring managers and leaders are accessible to colleagues and are seen as that honest and trusted person that embodies the company's values

Jon Hawkins
Global Internal Communications


14.45 Overworked & Underpaid? Beyond The Bonus? Innovative Techniques & Strategies To Reward & Recognise All Staff Levels For Valued, Committed, Engaged Employees

  • With the regulators restricting the use of large bonuses, how can we go beyond pay as a reward to keep staff motivated and retain talent?
  • Top methods and schemes to ensure colleagues feel valued and recognised for their work throughout their employee lifecycle and during times of change to boost staff performance, increase discretionary effort and reduce turnover
  • Exploring the various methods, from employee benefits to internal career progression, to increase retention levels and create an attractive career proposition for new talent

Paul Thomas
Head of Reward
Simplyhealth Group

15.05 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner. Can you help financial services organisations boost their employee engagement and embed positive cultures and change? For more information on how to get involved, please call +44(0) 20 3479 2299 or email partner@employeesfinanceconference.com

15.25 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal, Facilitated Networking


15.55 Revolutionise Your Communications Strategies! The Latest, Cutting-Edge Tools, Technologies & Digital Innovations That Will Shake-Up Your Employee Communications & Actually Cut Through

  • Don’t lag behind external comms; valuable advice on the latest tools, technology, AI and digital innovations available to refresh and optimise your engagement strategies
  • Lessons learned on successfully implementing and gaining high uptake with new tools and innovations to ensure employees are embracing the technological changes, rather than disrupting morale
  • Meeting expectations? Debating the actual business benefits of various technological innovations to ensure the tools are working for your colleagues, rather than becoming a distraction

Emma Tucker
UK Head of Internal Communications
BNP Paribas


Further Panellists To Be Announced


16.20 Given The Rapid Pace Of Change & Digital Transformation Within Financial Services , How Can You Adapt Your Working & Communication Strategies To Ensure You Remain Competitive & Your Colleagues Remain Engaged

  • As 9-5 in the office is no longer the norm, what are the methods and channels we can leverage to reach and engage dispersed, remote and home workers and build team ethos when face-to-face contact is limited?
  • Crafting an agile workforce to remain competitive and transition your workforce into the digital future by harnessing smarter ways of working and re-structuring your company
  • The financial services  industry is going digital; ensure colleagues come with you on the transformation journey to avoid leaving staff behind

16.20 Nationwide Perspective

Heather Mustafa
Senior Project Manager
Nationwide Building Society

16.40 Workforce Agility Through HR Renewal

Dr. Richard Cotter
Head of Research & Organisation Development
Allianz Ireland


17.00 Harnessing & Implementing Internal Social Media Platforms & Tools To Reach & Engage Employees Across Your Organisation

  • Lessons learned on successfully embracing social networks, from Yammer to Facebook’s Workplace, and integrating them in your existing channel mix to ensure high uptake and boost colleague collaboration
  • Debating if internal social media actually adds to the bottom line; assessing and evaluating the true business benefits

Katy Ringsdore
Head of PR & Internal Communications
Atom Bank

17.20 Afternoon Chair’s Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference Day

Are you interested in getting involved with The Financial Services Employee Engagement, Change & Culture Conference? For more information, please call +44 (0)20 3479 2299 or email info@employeesfinanceconference.com.